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Anadenanthera peregrina for sale Australia, also known as yopo, jopo, cohoba, parica or calcium tree, is a perennial tree of the Anadenanthera genus native to the Caribbean, Archaeological evidence shows Anadenanthera beans have been used as hallucinogens for thousands of years. The beans of the Anadenanthera pergrina plant have been noted to contain significant quantities of bufotenin alongside lesser amounts of 5-MeO-DMT and DMT, all of which have a long history of use as entheogens. It has been used for ritual and healing purposes for thousands of years. Seeds of Anadenanthera colubrina and Anadenanthera peregrina have been used for centuries as an hallucinogenic snuff by Indians of Argentina and southern Peru. anadenanthera peregrina seeds for sale Our Yopo seeds are organic and come straight from Peru. These are not Cebil seeds, which is a similar variety, but rather true authentic Yopo seeds. Anadenanthera peregrina for sale Australia.

How To Use Anadenanthera peregrina| Buy Peru Yopo in Australia

Yopo snuff is usually blown into the user’s nostrils by another person through bamboo tubes or sometimes snuffed by the user using bird bone tubes. Blowing is more effective as this method allows more powder to enter the nose and is said to be less irritating. In some areas, the unprocessed ground beans are snuffed or smoked producing a much weaker effect with stronger physical symptoms. Inhaling Yopo can cause considerable pain in nostrils. However, this pain usually subsides within minutes. Physical effects include tingling and numbness throughout the body and an increased heart rate. The hallucinatory effects follow as colors become enhanced and shapes appear to morph. The effects of Yopo intensify quickly but gradually fade and are replaced by nausea and general bodily discomfort.

Anadenanthera peregrina

Buy Anadenanthera peregrina “Yopo” Online

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