Buy Gut Health Micro Dose online.

Buy Gut Health Micro Dose online.


Buy Nootropic Brainbooster Micro Dose

Buy Nootropic Brainbooster Micro Dose

Buy CBD Micro Dose Online


CBD MicroDose blend capsules are great for amplifying focus, increase mental clarity, intensify creativity, boost energy, elevate mood & memory. The best and only CBD Psilocybin micro-dosing on the market

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Buy CBD Organic Psilocybin Micro Dose online | CBD Organic Psilocybin Micro Dose for sale online Colorado.

Buy CBD Micro Dose Online .These CBD blend capsules are great for amplifying focus, increase mental clarity, intensify creativity, boost energy, elevate mood as well as memory. The best and only CBD Psilocybin micro-dosing on the market!. Buy CBD Micro Dose Online.

Buy CBD Micro Dose Online. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the compounds of cannabis. It is 100 % non-psychoactive. The CBD compound stimulates the human receptors, which are responsible for pain, mood, and immune system. That is why it is so helpful for treating physical pain and emotional conditions. Buy CBD Micro Dose Online.

Numerous clinical tests and surveys have pointed out the healing effects of CBD products. And the complete absence of synthetic chemicals makes them a healthy non-toxic alternative to traditional pills.

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CBD Micro Dose  For sale Online Denver | Purchase CBD Organic Psilocybin Micro Dose

The endocannabinoid system of a human body regulates the work of the immune, nervous, digestive, and endocrine systems. It responds to CBD compounds in therapeutic ways: CB2 receptors interact with the CBD and normalize functions of other systems. That is how taking CBD products gets rid of the symptoms of severe diseases and improves the overall wellbeing.

Recommended Dose:
1 capsule every 3rd to 4th day, it is best to have a light meal before consuming.
Each capsule contains 325MG of Organic Psilocybin With 25MG CBD.
Every capsule we use is Vegan, Kosher.

CBD dosing is highly individualized—and the benefits are widespread. Different people benefit from different amounts of  CBD than others, even if their health status and concerns appear to be completely the same.

Where to Order CBD Micro Dose Online USA | Order CBD Organic Psilocybin Micro Dose near me

Regardless of what your preferred daily dose is, there’s growing evidence that spreading your intake out over the course of the day through microdosing can heighten the benefits of CBD.

As Dr. Sulak points out, cannabinoids are unlike a lot of other supplements and treatments when it comes to finding the right dose. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to CBD, but as the research into cannabidiol grows and evolves, we have learned more about the factors that affect how an individual’s body responds to CBD.

One’s optimal dose seems to be inversely correlated to their endocannabinoid levels; those with high levels of eCB’s need less CBD, while those with lower levels need more.

Microdosing entails taking very small amounts of CBD consistently throughout the day. Those who find they need more CBD don’t raise their dosage, at least not as much as they increase their dosage frequency. Here are some examples:

  • Taking 5 milligrams a day of CBD? Divide it into two 2.5mg doses.
  • Taking 10 milligrams? Divide it into four 2.5mg doses.
  • Taking 20 milligrams? Divide it into eight 2.5mg doses.
  • Taking 50 milligrams? Divide it into ten 5mg doses.

While small doses are best, those with high dosage requirements can take slightly higher doses in order to keep things practical. Don’t feel pressured to take your CBD product 20 times a day—what matters is precision and consistency over time.

When Microdosing Works Best | How to buy CBD Organic Psilocybin Micro Dose online.

Ultimately, the goal of microdosing is to feed your body a steady stream of plant cannabinoids so it can begin producing more inner cannabinoids over time.

Because microdosing aims to gradually empower your endocannabinoid system, it works best for those who need an extra boost—not a total makeover. People with severe health challenges may need to titrate up to a high dose a little quicker than microdosing allows for.

But, if you’re someone who relies on CBD to keep stress levels in check or boost focus and productivity throughout your workday or training schedule, microdosing could be an ideal method for your needs.

CBD Microdosing for Mood | Cheap CBD Organic Psilocybin Micro Dose where to buy.

Microdosing really shines when it comes to using CBD as a way to regulatemood. If you have brain fog, mental burnout, or anxious thoughts, we’re talking to you.

Looking at the biochemistry, it all starts to add up. Scientists have found that even small amounts of CBD and CBDa (CBD’s raw form) effectively activate your brain’s serotonin receptors. Serotonin, of course, is called the “happiness hormone” for a reason: it’s directly connected to feelings of wellbeing, happiness, and bliss.

Activation of your serotonin receptors stimulates those positive responses.  While we can’t make any claims, CBD users report experiencing:

  • More hope
  • Better focus
  • More stable mood
  • More stable energy
  • A brighter outlook
  • Reduced substance dependency

What the Research Says About Microdosing

Unfortunately, there’s not much clinical evidence for the benefits of microdosing available just yet. Most current studies involving CBD and THC are conducted using high doses of isolated cannabinoids instead of small doses of whole-plant goodness.

Just because it hasn’t undergone clinical research yet, doesn’t mean microdosing doesn’t offer benefits—or that it won’t be studied more extensively in the future. Most discoveries in the health and wellness space, afterall, start as trends used effectively by individuals before researchers catch up to the moment.

One 2005 animal study found that a single milligram of THC a day “resulted in significant inhibition of disease progression” for animals with heart atherosclerosis. “This effective dose is lower than the dose usually associated with psychotropic effects of THC,” the study noted, implying that cannabinoids may have health benefits even if the physical effects associated with higher doses can’t be actively felt.

Four Easy Ways to Microdose

Microdosing is more than just effective—it’s practical, too, and can be harnessed through any number of CBD consumption methods.

Microdosing with CBD oil | Microdosing with CBD oil as a sublingual is probably one of the easiest methods to follow:  just bring your favorite oil with you as you go about your day, and measure out your  microdose every few hours. Don’t forget to hold the oil under your tongue before fully ingesting, just as you would with traditional CBD dosing.

Microdosing with hemp flower | Smoking some premium hemp flower may be one of the most satisfying ways to consume CBD, but it’s also probably the most difficult to accurately measure when it comes to microdosing—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Microdosing with CBD-infused chocolate | Of all the ways to microdose, CBD-infused chocolates are easily the sweetest approach. Cut your chocolate into equally-sized pieces and enjoy bite-sized treats throughout the day.

Microdosing with more than one product | Your microdosing routine doesn’t have to be confined to any single CBD product—you can get your doses in whatever way makes sense for your mood of the time of day, as long as you’re keeping the dose consistent.

Maybe you prefer to keep it simply in the morning, with your first couple of doses via CBD oil, switching over to  CBD chocolate as an afternoon pick-me-up and , winding down your evening with  smokable hemp flower. The best approach is the one that works for you.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most active and therapeutic cannabinoids found in cannabis and industrial hemp. It’s tough to know where to begin and how to measure the effectiveness of CBD on your body if you haven’t tried it, so a great way for new users to begin a healthy CBD regiment is by microdosing.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing CBD is a technique that involves taking very small amounts of cannabidiol on a regular schedule. If you’re new to CBD, then microdosing is a great way to better understand the effects of CBD on your body and we suggest trying a microdosing schedule before beginning a full CBD regiment. This helps you find a sweet-spot dose that works best for your body. Microdosing is also great for people experienced with CBD that want to reset their system and get back into their optimal therapeutic range, as we can develop a tolerance over time.

Is Microdosing a Long term Solution?

It’s important to note that microdosing isn’t always the most effective way to ingest CBD products to gain the full therapeutic effects, but it can be! It’s a great way to discover your right amount of measurable cannabidiol dosage over the course of a couple of days. After you’ve found the amount that works for you, then you can begin to take that amount once or twice per day, and continue increasing as needed.

Microdosing with CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are typically packaged in 15-mL or 30-mL bottles and each bottle varies in terms of concentration and effects, ranging in CBD concentration from 100mg to 5000mg per bottle.

*First thing to note, there are TWO measurements happening: the liquid ML measurement of the oil, and the MG measurement of the CBD concentration within that liquid.

The key to understanding tincture dosing is noting the serving size, which is typically 1ml of oil, or one full dropper. However, many times it is .25ml or .5ml (a quarter or half of the dropper) so it’s important to read the labels! (If you’re new to CBD and are overwhelmed already, chat with our Budtenders about finding a low concentrated product to start with.)

To find the strength per serving, divide the total mg-strength of a bottle by the total number of servings. A 1000mg strength tincture in a 30-mL bottle features 30 1-mL servings of roughly 33.3mg of CBD. Luckily, most tincture droppers feature dosage measurements that make it easy for the consumer to take the right amount so just make sure to read your labels.

To microdose a tincture, it’s important to find out how many drops are in one mL of oil to determine the strength of each drop. As an example, if your dropper has 24 drops in a 1 mL serving, and each dropper full is 33mg of CBD, then one drop comes out to just about 1.4mg of CBD per drop. So, instead of taking one full dropper of 33mg of CBD at one time, instead, you ingest 2mg of CBD every hour or two to gradually feel the effects and find out the right amount for your body.

*For beginners, we suggest starting with a dose of < 5mg-10mg of CBD. You may notice subtle drowsiness and muscle relaxation. Pay attention to your body and your mind. The more you ingest, the more sleepy you may feel, so make sure to not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery.

Buy CBD Micro Dose Online


Tinctures are just one method for consuming CBD. They are a great place to start because you can tailor the dose to your personal needs. However, there are many other low-dose products on the market such as mints, capsules, tablets, and even delicious treats like chocolates and gummies! Chat with our team to learn what’s best for you and the issue you are treating.

Create a Microdosing Schedule

Below is an example of how to begin your new microdosing schedule, but remember that every body is different, so listen to your body and intuition when working with the plant.

When it comes to CBD tinctures, begin with one micro-serving of CBD in hour one. After one hour has passed, take two drops of CBD oil. After the second hour has passed, take three drops of CBD oil. Continue this process until you can begin to feel the effects of your CBD oil. After you’ve found your sweet spot, add up the totals to discover the right measurement of CBD oil that works for your body.

8 am – 1 drop of CBD oil

9 am – 2 drops of CBD oil

10 am – 3 drops of CBD oil

11 am – 4 drops of CBD oil

12 pm – 5 drop of CBD oil.

After one morning of microdosing, you’ll have taken just over one half of a full dropper of CBD tincture. If you don’t feel any therapeutic effects, then continue to add drops to your schedule every hour until you’ve established the therapeutic range that works for you.

Build a Microdosing Journal

Before you begin your new microdosing regiment, it’s important to outline a schedule and give yourself a chance to take notes on how you feel after each drop of CBD oil. After you take each microdose, answer these questions in a simple notebook:

1 – What is my pain level on a scale of 1-10?
2 – How comfortable and calm am I?
3 – Am I feeling better than before I began microdosing?
4 – Is it easy to breathe?
5 – On a scale of 1 – 10, how relaxed do I feel?

By answering these questions at different dosage intervals, you can begin to track your progress and identify the therapeutic range of CBD dosage that works for you.

Find CBD Products at Mission Cannabis Club

MCC has a wide variety of CBD products that are perfect for CBD enthusiasts of all experience levels. Checkout our menu to learn about our CBD edibles, oils, vape cartridges and other CBD goods to find the right product that works for you.

We invite you to visit us at Mission Cannabis Club and talk to our budtenders about CBD and how they’ve incorporated it into their own lives. Our team of cannabis and CBD experts have ample first-hand knowledge about all of our products and can guide you to make an informed purchase that works for your body and lifestyle.

Consult Your Doctor Before Beginning a New CBD Regimen

If you’re new to using CBD, it’s always best to consult your physician before beginning a new regiment. They will be able to tell you more about the specific effects of CBD and help you figure out a dosage range that works for you.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

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