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Changa is a potent mix of psychedelic fumes. A combination of herbs containing some form of monoamine oxidase inhibitor, infused with dimethyltryptamine (DMT) (MAOI). However, describing a psychedelic compound’s “simply put” physical parameters is as gross an understatement as suggesting sex is simply put, a penis penetrating a vagina… It has SO MUCH MORE to it than “just put it,” which is why we have Giorgia Gaia on the show. changa DMT Where to buy.

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Typically made by pouring over a chosen blend of herbs a DMT solution (such as DMT that has been combined with isopropyl alcohol) and letting the solvent evaporate. The end product can then be smoked in a way that is similar to cigarettes or cannabis. The main active ingredients are DMT and MAOI, although there are several types of changa, such as ayahuasca. It is stated that the inclusion of the MAOI extends the experience by 10 to 30 minutes. Making it more subjectively consistent and less chaotic than freebase DMT.

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When you smoke Enhanced Leaf, an important thing to note is to make sure you slowly pull the cone so that it burns very well. The main concept here is heat, which will release all the DMT in turn. Keeping it for around 10-20 seconds as normal. You’re not going to vaporize all the DMT if you smoke it too easily, basically throwing away your hard work, so make it count! My definitely best experiences were when I pulled the cone at the speed of snails. Burning to its potential every last bit of leaf.

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For me, this has become normal as it helps the later encounter to be more rewarding and minimizes the possibility of too much too soon. Which, if not prepared, may become overwhelming. After the initial maximum acceleration has taken place, however, I have yet to find too much too fast and question that point. When living in the Changa domain, it’s even possible.

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 In the United States, the plants used to make changa are legal. However, DMT is not.  There is no medical or religious exception in the statutes. Because DMT is classified as a Schedule I hallucinogenic controlled substance. To sum up, the question is ayahuasca legal—in the U.S. the tea itself isn’t necessarily illegal, but the necessary DMT component is, as DMT is a Schedule I substance.

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