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Buy Blue Punisher MDMA Online

Buy Blue Punisher MDMA


Lego Male MDMA (Molly, Ecstasy) Dosage.

Buy Lego Male MDMA online. This advice applies if you are determined to take Lego Male MDMA. The safest option is to not use MDMA, the second safest option is to use Lego Male MDMA responsibly, and the most dangerous option is to use Lego Male MDMA irresponsibly.

Most important things to know about MDMA dosage.

  1. Guideline: More conservatively, 1.5 mg/kg (with a max of 120 mg even if you weigh more than 80 kg / 176 lbs) for the entire session including booster doses.
  2. If finger dipping powder: ideally switch to weighed doses, but if not that, use “crush, dab, wait.”
  3. If using tablets and you haven’t taken a tablet from this exact batch before, start with half, or less.
  4. Low doses may be particularly important for your first few uses, as you might unknowingly have a health condition like malignant hyperthermia that makes Lego Male MDMA more dangerous.
  5. A study found that MDMA desirable effects are maximized, and undesirable effects minimized, at doses between 81-100 mg.
  6. If you’re unwilling to use these dosage guidelines, please make extra sure your friends are aware of the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, and pay extra attention to keeping cool.

    Consider 80 mg or less for your first roll

    If it’s your first time, consider dosing of perhaps between 0.8 mg/kg – 1.2 mg/kg with a max of 80 mg. This allows you to make sure your product is high purity (you should still expect to feel some euphoria and empathy at 70 mg), and the other benefit for first time users is that it may reduce the risk of feeling “that no future MDMA sessions will ever be as good as my first time,” which is a somewhat common and often regrettable anecdotal sentiment. Buy Lego Male MDMA online

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